Online Coaching

 The coaching sessions happen remotely, via telephone or a videocall system (e.g. Skype, Zoom), with or without a camera. Remote coaching is on the rise because it accommodates the needs of both coachees and coaches.

In a 2019 study conducted by Sherpa Coaching and IQS Research on a sample of 700 coaches and HR professionals globally, data show that the delivery of coaching via telephone and web-based video services nearly doubled the in-person type of delivery.

A 2011 study published in Consulting Psychology Journal found that there is no significant difference in terms of working alliance and problem resolution between in-person and remote (phone/web-based) coaching sessions. And since 2011 the use of technologies like Skype or Zoom has became a routine for any manager. Both coaches and coachees look to utilize all forms of service delivery to best accommodate everyone’s needs.

Our Coaching Platform

With our online platform, setting up and managing a coaching program is simple and fast.
Some of the key features of the platform include:

 A private dashboard to easily access all the more important information on the coaching engagement;

 Browsing through the profiles of the available coaches, with the possibility to choose the preferred coach;

 Direct booking of the sessions by accessing the coach’s calendar (or rescheduling if needed);

 Goal setting and tracking system to keep the coaching focused and effective and make accomplishments visible;

 An interactive environment to be in touch with the coach in between sessions;

 Feedback scoring at the end of the program to assess the effectiveness of the coaching received;

 (optional) Access to customised self or 360 assessment.

Internal Stakeholders (e.g. HR or Sponsor), if any, can access their own online dashboard to check progress of the current coaching programs. Through the online platform, Client representatives can easily browse the coaches’ bios and select the coaches they wish to propose to their coachees, can access their employee’s feedback to the coach and monitor the progress, within the boundaries of the coaching confidentiality agreement.