A Proven Process

We have tested, in our twenty years of coaching activity, a proven process to ensure alignment between all the parties involved, the maximum coaching effectiveness and best management of the programs.

  Preliminary phase

The HR representative (or the person who activates new programs) launches a coaching project for a new coachee;
The coachee browses the coaches’ bios, selects two professionals for his discovery calls and selects the preferred coach;
The coachee books the first “Intake” session;
TCN provides the coachee with a Welcome Pack with information on the coaching process, and the expectations and commitment for the coachee.

  Intake session

Coach and coachee explore and align around the coaching objectives and KPIs, which are recorded on the platform, and have a first coaching conversation. This creates accountability as the objectives are first defined by the coachee.

 Initial three-way alignment meeting

During this optional meeting, if selected, the outcome of the intake session (draft objectives) is shared by the coachee with the line manager or Sponsor and/or the HR representative. The coach facilitates the fine tuning and finalization of the objectives and KPIs.

  On-Going coaching

The next sessions are booked directly by the coachee based on the availabilities in the coach’s calendar. The coaching continues for a pre-set number of sessions, depending on the package that is purchased.  The duration of the sessions is normally one hour. The coachee works on the agreed objectives and updates the progress made on the online platform. Coach and coachee interact as needed.

  Closing session

The last session of the coaching program is used by coach and coachee to discuss progress with reference to each coaching objective and KPI. The coachee prepares to share the progress made with the Line Manager/Sponsor.

  Closing three-way meeting

During this meeting the coachee shares with the Line Manager/Sponsor their perceptions around what changed vis-à-vis the initial developmental objectives and KPIs. The coach facilitates a feedback session.