Highly Professional Coaches

The coaches of the Talent Coaching Network are all ICF credentialed and further assessed before joining the network to make sure they coach at least at ACC Advanced level.

They come from different backgrounds, but all of them developed experience in the corporate world or in big companies in their previous careers. This means they know the challenges of Talents and Middle Managers and can speak their language.

They have a coaching experience of at least 300 hours coaching managers. Occasionally, in the network, you can find highly skilled PCC credentialed coaches who chose to devote part of their time coaching remotely to support Talents or Middle Managers in their development.

A Rigorous Assessment Process: All the coaches in the network successfully passed a rigorous 4-step screening process and are involved in an ongoing program of internal mentoring.

1. Qualification Screening

We identify the coaches that meet our stringent criteria in terms of ICF credential, number of coaching hours completed and professional background. We then assess their coaching competencies vis-a-vis our stringent quality parameters.

2. Personal Interview

We interview each candidate to explore their attitude, their values and their alignment with our philosophy and coaching approach.

3. Coaching Assessment

Each candidate sends us a recorded coaching session that our internal Assessors evaluate. We use the ICF markers on all the coaching competencies and only the candidates that demonstrate high quality coaching will be accepted in the network.

4. On-Going Mentoring

Each coach in the network is routinely assessed and provided feedback to, in order to ensure quality on an ongoing base.