Our Coaching Platform

In our online platform, starting and managing a coaching program with one of our coaches is simple and fast.

1. The coachee browses the bios of the business coaches available to check their background and coaching experience;

2. The coachee watches the selected coaches’ short presentation videos to know more about the coaches’ attitude, style and values;

3. The coachee makes the final selection;

4. The coachee accesses the selected coach’s calendar and books the sessions;

5. The coachee receives the instructions on how to access the video conferencing platform and get prepared to the sessions;

6. The coachee can cancel or re-schedule the appointments by simply accessing the coach’s calendar and re-booking a new slot.

7. At the end of the coaching program, the coachee completes a satisfaction survey to assess the effectiveness of the coaching received.

Internal Stakeholders (e.g. HR or Sponsor), if any, can access the online coaching dashboard to check progress of their coaching programs and the success of the investment. In the online platform, the Client can easily add new participants, browse the coaches’ bios, buy or extend coaching programs. Employee feedback and satisfaction can be monitored through the dashboard as well as the degree of target achievement and development priorities.